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& partner farm, Texas Marigolds

Short On Heaven




Your satisfaction is very important to us so we ask everyone to read this sales policy in its' entirety prior to sending any payment. When sending a deposit or paying in full, you are acknowledging that you have fully read, understand and are in agreement with the terms of this sales policy.  Feel free to ask for clarification on anything prior to purchase.


Short On Heaven and our partner farm, Texas Marigolds, both manage a disease free, closed herd. Our herd tests annually for CAE with negative results. We periodically test for Johnes and CL, also with negative results.  Very few outside goats have been added to our herd over the years but all were from reputable breeders who also test CAE negative. We are happy to provide disease testing results on any of our animals.

As a general rule, juniors are tested only after they are one year old to ensure the accuracy of the tests.  If you are purchasing a kid that you would like tested prior to leaving we are happy to oblige, however the labs do not recommend testing until at minimum six months old. To complete the test the buyer must send the non-refundable blood test fee prior to us submitting the sample.


Reservations are accepted for unborn kids from pairings listed on the breeding schedule and are free of charge. To be placed on our waiting list, please contact us with the pairings you are interested in. We do not accept deposits on unborn kids.


After freshening we will go down the wait list in the order they were received. Once notified, you will have 10 days to send a non-refundable deposit to hold your choice(s).


We reserve the right to retain any animal, from any breeding, at any time, although we do try to label them as "retained" on the breeding schedule.


Prices are based on the number of freshenings this is for the dam, DHI milk records, Linear Appraisal scores, and show wins in the kid's pedigree. Prices are listed over the name of each animal on the kidding schedule and for sale pages.  

We do offer a multiple kid purchase on does and herd sires.  Purchase 3 or more and we will deduct $50 from the price of each purchase.  In most cases, if you purchase a  single doe, we are happy to provide a free wether friend, if available.

We also offer a discount to DHI and/or show homes.  Our goal is to produce milkers that show.  Anyone showing and milk testing our herd name is helping us do just that so we want to thank you for choosing us.

At my discretion, and depending on a variety of things, a monthly payment plan may be possible. Payment amounts and duration are also at my discretion. Kids may leave only after they are paid in full. Payments are non-refundable and if payments stop, they will not be refunded or credited, and the kid will be relisted for sale. Any kid on a payment plan that exceeds 12 weeks of age will incur a $5 per day care fee for every day the kid remains in my possession beyond 12 weeks. 

On occasion we may offer a herd sire for sale. It is our opinion that most bucks need to be wethered so only the very best are considered to stay intact. Due to the years it takes to prove the worthiness of a potential herd sire, the very few we may offer will be at a considerably higher price than that of our does.


We require a non-refundable deposit to hold any kid or adult. The deposit amount on all animals is half of the purchase price, regardless of age. Please ask us about which payment methods are accepted.


Kids being dam raised must be picked up by twelve weeks of age if it was agreed upon that our farm would continue raising until weaned, otherwise kids must be picked up within two weeks after placing a deposit. Adults must also be picked up within two weeks. Any kid or adult that is not picked up by the mutually agreed upon date will be reposted for sale and the deposit will be lost.




We bottle feed and dam raise our kids depending on our current schedule. There are times where bottle feeding isn't an option but we try to oblige bottle baby requests when possible. If dam raised they still get lots of socialization from our four children.


If you would like us to pull your kid to bottle feed you must pay the full deposit amount and let us know before the age of five days old. For the price to remain the same as it was listed, arrange for picking up your bottle babies within two weeks after submitting the deposit. If bottle babies remain in our care longer than two weeks the price increases due to the amount of work required.


Kids born on our farm are disbudded, vaccinated for CD/T and tattooed.  At the time of sale, you will either receive a registration application or electronic transfer via the registry.  The buyer is responsible for registration and transfer fees.


Until further notice, we are not shipping goats by air. Buyers can arrange personal pick up or book ground transport from our farm located in Paradise, Texas. Some reputable ground transporters to check with are 5 Star Livestock Transport, Bailey's Best Care Transport, Tarr Valley Farm Transportation, Medicine Mountain Transport.

Travel health certificates "CVIs" are available at the buyer's expense upon request. If you would like our vet to issue a CVI please send the vet fee of $26 per animal prior to pick up.



We are here to offer mentor support and answer questions when you need us. We spend a lot of time answering emails, phone calls, and texts offering support to our buyers and proud to offer that to future buyers as well.


We do everything within our ability to maintain our healthy herd but cannot be held responsible for the health of an animal once they leave our farm.  Since they are no longer in our possession to observe or care for there are too many variables to consider.


When goats move to a new farm they can and do get stressed and stress can cause severe illness or death. It is important to be observant and diligent with their care once they arrive to your farm. If there is a problem please talk to us about it so we can support you. 




Our priority is to have a healthy herd full of great bloodlines who can show and milk, and to always strive to be a highly reputable farm. We take great pride in keeping happy customers that trust us to continue coming back year after year to build their herds. As such, we will always stand behind the genetics of any animal we sell.  As long as you do your part to provide proper care, we promise to *replace any animal you feel is subpar.

If you purchase a herd sire from our farm and are not satisfied with the attachment or milk production of daughters, after their 2nd freshening, we will *replace the buck. A buck can make or break your herd and we do not want a 'breaker' with our herd name out there.

Any animal considered for replacement must be well cared for, properly fed, housed and dewormed, and the replacement will be equivalent to the original purchase amount. If there is availability which you like that is priced higher, the buyer is responsible for any balance.  For replacement herd sires, the dams of the daughters must be of equal excellent quality so that the expected genetic results of the pairing would be potentially great.


*Our replacement offer is null and void if the buyer chooses to post negatively online or on social media prior to or instead of discussing the issue with us and allowing us to work something out.



As always, we appreciate the support from our long time customers and if you're new, we look forward to getting to know you. Send us an email if you have any questions.



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